Art Event

I also listened to another poet’s work. She read multiple pieces on November 30 at UCSD. I will definitely remember thinking that there is no way I can read any of my own pieces as fast as she read hers without catching on some words, especially because she used interesting forms or repetition, one right after another, that it would have been very easy to stumble over words. Something I learned from her reading is that I can stray away from making pieces that make sense in the form of a perfectly coherent story, and instead write so that I am simply conveying one true emotion, or humor, or  just write something and let the reader try to turn it into sense herself. Things can be extremely random, yet be connected in the most intriguing ways. The only flaw I noticed were some problems with the microphone. It let its presence known a few times. I didn’t exactly learn anything brand new because I had already learned of the approaches she used in her pieces in my Creative Writing class. I definitely feel respect for this artist of words, because as strange as some of her pieces may sound, she has no fear of reading them aloud in front of people.


Art event

On Saturday, December the 3rd, I went down to La Jolla to visit the DG Wills bookstore and hear the poetry piece  “Mingus Live In The Underworld” and other pieces. It was accompanied by both a  contrabassist and a violinist. I will remember that it was my first time hearing a piece like that before. He seemed to have random word choices, but they somehow fit together coherently to form a story (though at first I didn’t even realize that it was a story). When I try to write my own pieces, I could try to simply be more open to different word choices, even if it is not what I was originally aiming for. Something I did not like about the event was that the store was not very large, so a small group of people were able to sit on chairs inside, while everyone else had to either sit on chairs or stand outside in the cold. It was difficult to hear the speaker at times either because the instrument became louder than the speaker, or simply because of the poor setup of the speakers. Something else I learned was that there is an instrument out there called a  contrabass, and it is in the family of the regular bass. The poet and musicians all seemed to be very accomplished.

Good or Bad…Page Layouts

This layout (an example of a scrapbook page) I think would be a good example. It has good colors, spacing, good flow, I know where to look when I look at it. The two fonts that are used go well together (though the one on the top left could be slightly thicker to be more legible). Some pieces are rather close together, but it’s not uncomfortable, and there is enough space to balance it out.

Below is a poor example of a layout. The page is nearly completely covered in either text or image. The font sizes are not all different enough. When I look at it, I’m not sure where to look first, at the skull or at one of the text squares near the top. The font at the bottom of the page is nearly the same color as that in the background. The information overall, though in blocks, is not organized well enough.

Image Prevalence

1. Reproduction of image is so prevalent because as people, we need to create things in order to express ourselves. We can use words, but simple words can be more easily ignored than a captivating image. All words look alike. They can be easily passed by unless actually shouted directly at us in our faces. Each and every image is unique in some way, and a few are really attention-grabbing. Everyone notices them, so the image serves its purpose. Images can be understood by all people, no matter their language.

2.Personally, I will not be a professional graphic designer. It is something that I have enjoyed doing, but that is all. For the future of graphic design, this means that the only way it can go is up, as long as the works produced are truly captivating and share authentic emotions.

3. John McCain was not reaching for the younger voters as much as Obama was, and so the means of reaching them were not as important. The means to reach the older voters was different. Also, he was not in a generation that grew up with the Internet, so he may not have realized its true  importance in our society today.

Logo Attributes

My favorite text logo is definitely the Coca-Cola logo, because it is smooth and polished and originally done by hand, not with computers or a printing press. It has a clear, timeless quality that others can only hope to achieve.


I have recognized this panda for quite some time, but never really remembered where I had seen it before. Probably just random places and cars, etc. but I like it first off because it’s just plain cute, but it definitely is memorable. It is so obvious that it has something to do with wildlife that even before I finally found out what it is the logo for, I knew it would be something for wildlife.


I like this coffee logo because the image blends so perfectly with the text. It is difficult for just any word to blend with an image of what it stands for.

Art in Architecture and Furniture

Burano, Italy. Interesting island in Italy near Venice. All the buildings are different colors.


From the outside, it appears that the floors are sloped and sloppy.


This modern twist appears extra interesting beside an older-looking building.


They look like they could fit together, but at the same time, like they would not.


Usually, furniture is meant to stay on the ground, but this one is made for crawling up walls. (speaking of furniture crawling, there’s a character known as the luggage that has a mind of its own in some books by Terry Pratchett. This trailer has a quick glimpse of the luggage running if you care:


On its own, it does not even look like it was made to be a shelving unit, but it is.


This might be my personal favorite, just because the bench is unraveling….

Gig Poster

The green background came out a much brighter green than intended. The PDF file below should show the right color .


The fictional event is the Country Music Festival. I wanted to include an image that would relate to the Country theme. Cowboy boots fit well, and they have a nice silhouette. Music notes would relate to the title too, but I thought it was plenty to have the names of the bands that wouldbe playing, plus having more images would not work well with the minimalistic art choice.

The minimalistic genre has roots in the European geometric abstractions, particularly in paintings and sculptures. Works created in the minimalistic genre are intent upon conveying only the necessary information, avoiding any sort of superfluous elements.

The artists and band listed are a few of the country bands I enjoy listening to. My poster reflects the intent of minimalism by only giving the necessary information. It is not plastered with flashy designs or excessive words. It is very much to the point.

My sources of inspiration came from two pictures in particular: one of a man and an elephant’s head, and one of a man on a bicycle riding towards a palm tree. They were nice, clean-cut, peaceful pictures. Although concerts are not exactly peaceful, I enjoy peaceful works of art.

Minimalism and country music do not go together in some ways, but do in others. Minimalism strips everything bare while any form of music dresses things up with the instruments, though the lyrics can be straight to the point.

I used the pen tool to trace an image of a cowboy boot. Originally, it was brown with strokes creating the shape of a boot and not just the outline, but as the poster evolved, it ended up being a simple, gray silhouette.

An artist known for making very minimalistic art (not the artist of my examples) would be Carl Andre, who tends to make linear sculptures.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Vector Self Portrait


Self Portrait

Molding Mesh Bottles